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Emmanuel Prophetic Ministries profound vision is to proclaim God’s words to the lost, to build, restore, heal, renew, equip, and empower individuals for the preparation of the kingdom of God. Emmanuel Prophetic Ministries desire is to make positive impacts in individuals lives, communities, and the world through missions, outreach services, showing Godly love and support.


The mission of  Emmanuel Prophetic Ministries is to rebuild, restore, renew individuals lives through corporate prayer and intercessory prayer, counseling, missions, evangelism, mentorship, and assisting them with becoming knowledgeable of God’s Words through biblical studies. Our goal is to equip and empower individuals through training, and Spiritual Growth Empowerment. Emmanuel Prophetic Ministries is dedicated with assisting the less fortunate and community with their needs through aiding and providing them with resources, outreach and charitable services. 

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